Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Fear is one of the basic feeling which is present in every human being. If a person is exposed to a particular quantum of fear within that person’s tolerable limits, it can improve his/her performance and positive productivity. But, interestingly, fear beyond the limits of tolerance of a person can be harmful. It can be destructive and may also kill. No doubts that such strong fears do not come from this materialistic world. Our deepest fears lie within us……deep in our
minds and they usually represent our weaknesses, insecurities, past experiences and deeds. When these fears surfaces, the intellectual mind stops functioning, everything starts to appear threatening and even the most trivial of the environmental occurring is magnified to such an extent that the animalistic mind wants to get rid of that stimulus……even if it means killing oneself in the process.
The art film, FEAR LIES WITHIN has tried to describe this particular psychological phenomenon explained above. A perfect blend of art and psychology….."

-Dr. Praveen Somani
Psychiatrist, Gangtok

This movie is going to participate in 11th Mumbai Film Festival under the digital screening category in the World Cinema section.

Clipping of 'Fear Lies Within'